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New American with a focus on dishes inspired by Southern cuisine in Williamsburg.

What We Had


I had the corned beef hash with poached eggs and Boston brown French toast – Fantastic. Splendidly caramelized meat, subtly sweet bread and potato mountains. A few of my potatoes were underdone, but still delicious.


My DH had the Philly French dip with pressed steak, caramelized onions & bell peppers, beer cheese and dipping jus. – Well seasoned steak and a lovely combination with the beer cheese. His only gripe was that the gristle quotient on the meat was high for a sandwich.

I had a tart cherry white sangria, which was happy making and huge.

He had a Bloody Mary with pickled pole beans, which was good but needed a little more salt element.



Clean open interior – farmhouse meets modern


Decent service

Overall Impressions

This is a cute little place and I’m glad we finally made it. Can’t wait to come back and check out the dinner offerings. And have more of that sangria.


4 out of 5 for really tasty food.

Delaney BBQ

The eventual outcome of running a hotly successful underground BBQ brisket operation – walls. Located on the quiet side of Williamsburg.

What We Had

Brisket – a big, beautiful mix of fatty and lean portions.

Fabulous brisket – not quite as great as Fette Sau, but we are admittedly biased. If we’re talking straight beef and not adding pig into the equation, it’s a really close race if not a dead heat.


Stellar greens – vinegary enough I wasn’t left wanting and deeply flavorful. The greens made my day.


Nice cheese – a Comte.

Potato bread was available on the side board, as much as you want.



Simple rustic decor with exposed brick, whitewashed benches and Americana on the shelves. Dominated by a neon cow at a nice relaxing quarter light power.


Order at the counter. They’re busy, but take the time to do a great cutting job and are friendly.

Overall Impressions

This is a great place for some brisket. And I’m not just saying that because of the free take home drink koozie.


4 out of 5 for very good brisket. They know what they do, and they do it well.

Crif Dogs

Crazy good hot dogs in Williamsburg.

What We Had


Chihuahua Dog – Bacon wrapped hot dog covered with avocados and sour cream.

Good Morning Dog – Bacon wrapped hot dog smothered with melted cheese & topped with a fried egg.

Both were really great dogs. The good morning slightly edged out the chihuahua solely because of my love for eggs.

Fries, which were also good.



Cool decor with Star Wars toys lining the walls, old games & cool tees.


Friendly counter service.

Overall Impressions

A great place for a light meal. It’s small and was packed the evening we went, but the crowd was good. The music was also great – totally can’t not love a place that plays Old Crow Medicine Show’s Wagon Wheel and serves RC Cola.


4 out of 5 for great dogs, great atmosphere, and friendly service.

Pok Pok

Authentic Thai from a round eye chef in Willisburg.

What We Had


Da Chom’s Laap Meuang – deceptively spicy and yet comforting ground pork dish.


Muu Kham Waan – our favorite and crazy flavorful sliced pork with greens on ice for a wrapper.


Papaya Pok Pok – I loved – great representation of the dish; my DH not so much. I was addicted.

Sticky Rice – awesome in any context, but amazing here.

Drinking vinegar – must have more; where has this been all my life?

Thai tea with lime – also great

Some sort of hot bourbon thing that was the best type of restorative.



Tiny dining room with minimal wood paneled decor



Overall Impressions

Spicy meal but very very good.


4 out of 5 for great authentic dishes with loads of spice

Chai Thai

Pan-Asian with a Thai bent in Williamsburg.

What We Had

I had the Chiangmai Noodles – chicken curry northern style with egg noodles — chicken so deeply flavored it almost tasted like pork – fall apart, intense. Fantastic dish – pleasantly spicy, great flavors. Perfectly just underdone noodles.

My DH had the Pad See Ew – Great wok hay, perfectly cooked chicken. A real knockout dish.

Unfortunately, the pictures of these two dishes didn’t turn out. Suffice it to say, they were delicious.


We also had the peanut something dumplings #5 – sweet, peanutty, could have done with a touch more acid, but still good.



Cool interior – contemporary Asian with great organic flow. Lots of dark woods, organic shapes, and hard-edged decor pieces. A well put together, thoughtful atmosphere.

Also, really interesting upbeat lounge covers through the speakers. According to Yelp, cover music is sort of a big deal here, and it shows.


On the slow side.

Overall Impressions
This is a great spot for a quiet weeknight dinner and would make a good place to dine with friends. the menu is inventive, the music is a conversation piece, and the decor is cool without being obtrusive. The prices are also surprisingly reasonable and the portions are generous.


4 out of 5 for PFG food. This spot was a great find.

Fette Sau

Don’t let the frou-frou name fool you, this place is packing some serious meat skills.

What We Had


My DH had the Black Angus Brisket – This was fantastic; almost as good as his gold standard Texas brisket against which all other briskets must be compared. Tender, smoky, beefy, everything you could want in a brisket.

I had the Duroc Pulled Pork. With liberal lashings of the table vinegar sauce, it tasted almost like going home. Nice pink ring, perfect fat to meat ratio, good base spicing…. really, really close to Eastern NC-style. The vinegar was close, too. So close, we used half the bottle. 🙂

Really, the only thing missing was hushpuppies & red pepper flakes in the vinegar.

We also had an order of the Burnt Ends Baked Beans – These beans simmer all day beside the brisket and get little chunks of beef reinforcements all day. I loved the background burnt caramelized complexity – the DH less so. These beans were sweet. Sweet, beefy, hearty, and good.



Minimal long tables with bench seating, meat diagrams on the walls, fake fireplace & knife blade beer tap pulls.


You order at the counter and find a seat as you can.

Overall Impressions

Fette Sau gives (at least these) displaced North Carolinians that particular type of deep soul satisfaction that only comes from ingesting big hunks of smoky meats. We’re only sad we didn’t find this place day 1.


5 out of 5 – if you want pig, this is the place to be.

Oh yeah, and they have Cheerwine!

B.A.D Burger


Burgers, breakfast & more in Williamsburg.

What We Had


I had the Wake & Bake Burger – 2 beef patties topped with bacon & eggs. The burger meat was well-seasoned and juicy, and the whole big sloppy hot mess was fantastic for the first half (even though I lost the bacon early on). Then I came up for a breather/attempt to reposition everything back on the bun and the sheer amount of grease I had just consumed caught up with me and I couldn’t finish. It was great, but I couldn’t rally without running the risk of exploding.


My DH had the Dirty South Sandwich – fried chicken breast with pepper jack cheese & bacon. This was also a well-seasoned and juicy sandwich with great attention to flavor combinations. Not quite the hot mess the burger was.

Each sandwich came with fries and a little side of slaw. The fries tasted exactly like the fries you get at the fair. I don’t know how these wizards managed to capture that magical flavor, but they are now my junk food gods and I must stay far, far away until I am firmly entrenched in the exercise regimen I’ve been supposed to start since November.

The slaw was also surprisingly good. If I hadn’t just consumed enough meaty potatoey grease to choke a kitten I would have enjoyed it more. Having silverware would also have helped.



Cute rock n roll diner theme with flames, movie posters and rockabilly waitresses.


The service wasn’t awesome and the food was s-l-o-w. So slow they must have a lone one-armed, one panned chef. With a dull knife. That, or they had to hunt the wily cow. Or find a fair from which to source the fries. Take your pick.

Overall Impressions

B.A.D or Breakfast All Day has a little for everyone, with a whole host of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. And we’re not just talking a Gardenburger, either. These guys are serious about catering to special needs diets.

It’s just too bad the food took so long (we’re talking over 45 minutes in a restaurant with 4 tables seated – 2 of which had their food already).


3.5 out of 5 because it took so long for the food to come out we both felt like we were grounded. If you happen to be walking past and happen to have an afternoon to kill, stop in. The fries alone are worth a trip. Consider calling ahead and picking them up at the to go counter.