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Thai in Park Slope.

What We Had


My DH had the Pad See Yue – chicken and vegetables with noodles in a black bean sauce – nice flavor.


I had the Gai Kraprow – chicken and veg in spicy basil sauce – a little sweeter than I generally like, but tasty.



We ate in the back garden, but inside had an open kitchen concept with dark woods, lots of white tables and interesting lights.

Really great branding and modern, clean decor.



Overall Impressions

Great value and a cute little place, but beware: cash only.


3.75 out of 5 for pretty good food in a cute atmosphere.


Pretty upscale Thai near Union Square.

What We I Had

I stopped in to treat myself during a long day of holiday shopping and ordered off the lunch menu.

I had the Spicy Thai Basil with chicken and steamed chicken & shrimp dumplings.


Not bad at all. Nice chunks of identifiable shrimp in the dumplings and nice spice to the main dish. Lunch was light enough I didn’t feel too heavy, and had enough vegetables that it didn’t feel overly unhealthy.

I also had a glass of good pinot grigio.



Pretty with lots of abacus (abacui? Abacusses?) and sleek furnishings.



Nice and unobtrusive.

Overall Impressions

Not bad. This looks to be a good date night place and it was certainly a nice lunch break from fighting holiday crowds.


3.75 out of 5 for solid food in a relaxing atmosphere.

Hanoi Kitchen

Vietnamese/Thai in Park Slope with a large pho menu.

What We Had


I had the Pho Sate – Rice noodles, special beef sate soup, rare steak, brisket, tomato, cucumber & peanut – Spicy and delicious. Good flavor on the broth and the meat was good too.


My DH had the Pho Thai Rice – Rice noodles beef soup with rare steak – His was more delicately flavored than the heat hammer mine carried, and it was good. The beef broth base did more shining in his dish.



Cute Thai decor with dark woods, natural elements and exposed brick.



Overall Impressions

A cute little spot for some pho. The menu also has a wide selection of other dishes, but we hasn’t had good pho in quite a long time and missed it.


4 out of 5 for good flavorful broth, nice decor and a widely varied menu.

Rice Thai

Thai in Prospect Park.

What We Had


I had the Dry Tom Yum – As advertised, it was just like the soup but dry – chock full of seafood (shrimp, squid, mussels, fish) and topped with fried basil. Taste bomb. Sticky rice was good, but not as good as Pok Pok. Light on veg, but tasty.


My DH had the Pad see Ew with chicken – DH complained that it didn’t have much taste, but that dish is never a flavor wallop without vinegar sauce.



Really pretty wood panels on the walls, nice decor all around.

Vaguely French instrumental music, with crooner contemporary songs and classics.


Fine. Being the old people hour diners we are, we had the place to ourselves for most of the meal.

Overall Impressions

Not a bad little place. Not the ‘be all end all’, but lots of things on the menu I’m dying to try.


3.75 out of 5 for a varied menu and solid dishes in a pleasant atmosphere.

Pok Pok

Authentic Thai from a round eye chef in Willisburg.

What We Had


Da Chom’s Laap Meuang – deceptively spicy and yet comforting ground pork dish.


Muu Kham Waan – our favorite and crazy flavorful sliced pork with greens on ice for a wrapper.


Papaya Pok Pok – I loved – great representation of the dish; my DH not so much. I was addicted.

Sticky Rice – awesome in any context, but amazing here.

Drinking vinegar – must have more; where has this been all my life?

Thai tea with lime – also great

Some sort of hot bourbon thing that was the best type of restorative.



Tiny dining room with minimal wood paneled decor



Overall Impressions

Spicy meal but very very good.


4 out of 5 for great authentic dishes with loads of spice

Beet Thai

Thai in Park Slope

What We Had


I had the pineapple curry with chicken & lime leaves – The dish had a nice taste; the addition of raisins was interesting and not at all unwelcome.

Pork & chive pot stickers – They had nice seasoning but were low on crispiness.


My DH had the Pad Thai with chicken – The addition of turnip pickles was new and interesting, otherwise the dish was standard but good. The sauce almost went over to gloopy but did not.



Vibrant beet shade on the walls, with a happy, modern feel.

A word of caution about the chairs: if metal on concrete bothers you, beware. The chairs all have unfinished leg endings and the scrape is horrendous.



Overall Impressions

Not a bad little place, minus the chairs.


3.5 out of 5 for solid food with gut wrenching chair scrapes.

Chai Thai

Pan-Asian with a Thai bent in Williamsburg.

What We Had

I had the Chiangmai Noodles – chicken curry northern style with egg noodles — chicken so deeply flavored it almost tasted like pork – fall apart, intense. Fantastic dish – pleasantly spicy, great flavors. Perfectly just underdone noodles.

My DH had the Pad See Ew – Great wok hay, perfectly cooked chicken. A real knockout dish.

Unfortunately, the pictures of these two dishes didn’t turn out. Suffice it to say, they were delicious.


We also had the peanut something dumplings #5 – sweet, peanutty, could have done with a touch more acid, but still good.



Cool interior – contemporary Asian with great organic flow. Lots of dark woods, organic shapes, and hard-edged decor pieces. A well put together, thoughtful atmosphere.

Also, really interesting upbeat lounge covers through the speakers. According to Yelp, cover music is sort of a big deal here, and it shows.


On the slow side.

Overall Impressions
This is a great spot for a quiet weeknight dinner and would make a good place to dine with friends. the menu is inventive, the music is a conversation piece, and the decor is cool without being obtrusive. The prices are also surprisingly reasonable and the portions are generous.


4 out of 5 for PFG food. This spot was a great find.


Thai bistro near Prospect Park

What We Had


I had the Spicy Basil Chicken and my DH had the Pad See Ew with Chicken. My dish had a great taste with just the right amount of spice, and his dish had a surprising depth of flavor.




Very skinny space with copper interior, exposed brick & layers of tin ceiling.



Overall Impressions

Omfg I wanted the duck pad thai, but I was trying to behave calorie-wise since I was going to see a movie that evening, and a movie just isn’t a movie without popcorn.

Duck is an option for any menu item, and it looked wonderful.


A nice surprise & cheap. 3.75 out of 5