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Tag: Sheepshead Bay

Jordan’s Lobster Dock

Fresh casual seafood steps from the movie theater in Sheepshead Bay.

What We Had

I had the Lobster Roll with Sweet Potato Fries – The roll from the Brooklyn Lobster Pound was better seasoned, but this was nice. The lobster was cooked perfectly, with mayo on the side. clean, pure, simple. Skip the bun – it was of the store-bought hot dog variety, and proved unnecessary.

My DH had the Garlic Snow Crab Legs with Fries – his meal was decidedly decent – a little rubbery, but had a nice taste and he was covered in garlic butter by the end.

Brooklyn lager on tap.


Nothing fancy inside – weathered tables and chairs but no fish smell and a vague nautical theme. Large doors in the back lead to a retail fish market which also doesn’t smell like fish – just cold and ocean.


Order at the counter – the counter guys were really young but friendly once we figured out how things were supposed to flow.

Overall Impressions

If you’re catching a movie, this might be your best bet in that area – it beats out the pizza place up the road and Friday’s.


3.5 out of 5 for decent food in a clean but weathered environment.

Parkview Diner

Shiny diner on a hill in Sheepshead Bay near Coney Island – right off Belt Parkway.

What We Had

My DH and I both had brunch specials. Brunch specials feature a menu entree + fruit + alcoholic brunch beverage or juice + coffee or tea. A ton of food for $16.95.


I had the corned beef hash & eggs – the hash was of the Dinty Moore dog food variety, but delish all the same.

The hashed browns were awesome and almost tasted like fries. I could have eaten a pound, but luckily the grease caught up to me with a reasonable amount left on the plate.


My DH had the challah french toast w eggs & bacon, breakfast sausage & ham. The French toast was good – nice and French toasty.

The sausage was fresh and good for what it is (although strangely haunting since I’m still thinking about it 2 weeks later), the ham was nice and griddled, the bacon was limp and unpleasant, but the toast wasn’t bad.


The fruit salads were great – no added sugar, very fresh; a real delight.

Our beverages (a bloody Mary and a bilini) were run of the mill but not bad.



Nice shiny optimistic 50s decor with cool Coney Island & vintage inspired artwork.


Friendly and apologetic that the food was slow (we didn’t notice).

Overall Impressions

We will be back. With this diner’s huge menu, there is something for everyone at any time of day. All baking is done on premises and delivery is available 24 hours.


3.75 out of 5. Convenient, huge menu + alcohol, good big food.