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Pretty upscale Thai near Union Square.

What We I Had

I stopped in to treat myself during a long day of holiday shopping and ordered off the lunch menu.

I had the Spicy Thai Basil with chicken and steamed chicken & shrimp dumplings.


Not bad at all. Nice chunks of identifiable shrimp in the dumplings and nice spice to the main dish. Lunch was light enough I didn’t feel too heavy, and had enough vegetables that it didn’t feel overly unhealthy.

I also had a glass of good pinot grigio.



Pretty with lots of abacus (abacui? Abacusses?) and sleek furnishings.



Nice and unobtrusive.

Overall Impressions

Not bad. This looks to be a good date night place and it was certainly a nice lunch break from fighting holiday crowds.


3.75 out of 5 for solid food in a relaxing atmosphere.


The Masala Wala

We stumbled upon this place by pure happenstance. We happened to be on the Lower East Side to see a movie; the sky happened to look like it was going to start spitting demons; and we happened to duck down a side street or two looking for something either really tasty or really healthy to eat. Right before the bottom fell out of the sky, amid leaf and street trash tornadoes, we spotted a sign proclaiming South Asian Roadside Food. We love Asian and we love road food, so we ducked in.

What We Had

We did a few light dishes rather than getting large entrees or one of their really good looking custom bowls.


Chicken Tikka Roll with Egg – Richly spiced, succulent and delicious chicken wrapped in a roti burrito with fried egg layered in between the rolls. Yum. Really yum.


Pani Puri – Fun, nicely spiced potato and chickpeas in a hollow cup of crispy fried dough with tamarind dipping sauce.


Dal (black lentil) – Comforting velvety pool of dal with, again, rich deep spices. I could wrap myself into a bowl of this any day.

Fluffy and perfect basmati rice – This was the good stuff.



Edison bulbs and dark cherry wood in a modern chocolate and cream decor scheme. New tech in place like waitresses ordering on iPads.


The staff was supremely welcoming and the owner checked personally after the meal to assure it was up to standard.

Overall Impressions

I am really glad we rolled the dice on this place. Sometimes you roll the hard six and win.


4.5 out of 5 for crazy good food and really top notch service. Well worth a special trip to the area just for the food.

B&b Empire Bagels

Breakfast/lunch bagel cafe on Clinton, a block from trader Joe’s in Cobble Hill.

What We Had


I had the Asiago Chicken Melt – Grilled chicken with asiago, mushroom & tomato on a plain bagel. This was a great sandwich. Juicy chicken, complex asiago mix, and good toppings on a soft, pillowy fresh bagel. The accompanying side salad was also an unexpected treat with mixed deep green greens, craisins, a light balsamic and green olives.


My DH had the Grilled Chicken with Mozzarella and House Pesto Panini – Also surprisingly good. The bread was soft and toasty, the pesto was bright and fresh, and his chicken was good as well. His also came with a side salad.



Basic cafe with lots of honeyed wood and golden tones.


Friendly and discombobulated. Everyone wanted to help us, occasionally at the same time.

Overall Impressions

Not half bad for a blind pick. I will definitely have to keep this place in mind, if for no other reason than the bagels. If you visit the restroom, you walk past the doorway to the bagel making operation and can just see them prepping a fresh batch. They don’t have a huge selection of flavors, but the taste is really top notch.


3.75 out of 5 for fresh bagels and a friendly atmosphere.