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Sheep Station

Australian pub in Gowanus

What We Had


I had the Shearer’s Burger – lettuce, tomato, pickled beets, grilled pineapple, caramelized onion, fried egg – with salad – Omfg this was good. The meat had great seasoning, the toppings combo was really good, and the salad was nice. Zero complaints here.


My DH had the Meat Pie with Side Salad – His was really good as well. The pie had a nice curry taste, and was a decent lunch size. He also enjoyed his salad.



Cute Australian way station meets Brooklyn dark wood.



Overall Impressions

This is a great little find – beer specials at night, a great looking menu, and relaxed brunch.


4 out of 5 for great food in a charming atmosphere.


Fort Reno BBQ

BBQ joint in Gowanus helmed by a Collichio protege.

What We Had

Brisket – This was the best of the bunch. Flavorful, tender and delicious.

Pulled pork – Decent. Flavor didn’t fully penetrate & it was a hair dry, but still good.

Collards – I absolutely loved.

Mac & cheese – Also pretty great.

Biscuit – Not the best in the world, but satisfying and worthy.



Metal & old wood decor with lots of mason and jelly jars. Rock anthems over the speakers lend an all-American vibe.


Order at the counter service, with separate bar.

Overall Impressions

This tiny place (seating for maybe 20) is pretty good. Not as good meat as its neighbor Fletcher’s, but better sides.


4 out of 5 for solid taste, but second best meat (by a hair) in the neighborhood

Fletcher’s BBQ

BBQ in Gowanus.

What We Had


Coriander pork steak (chopped) – The best of the night. Tender, smoky, delicious and well seasoned.

Brisket burnt ends – Drool worthy beef nuggets.

Pulled pork – Also very, very good (but less seasoned than the coriander variety).

Mac & cheese – I actually ate it and liked it (and just about the only Mac & cheese I don’t think tastes like cardboard & chemicals is my DH’s).

Baked beans – Holy crap great. Even my DH who isn’t into baked beans loved it.



Garage style dining room that smells amazing – good music selection


Helpful meat guru to walk you through menu items who also checked up on us mid-meal. Order at the counter style service.

Overall Impressions

Great BBQ. Not quite the homesick-inducing grandeur that is Fette Sau, but great in its own right and especially exciting given the neighborhood.


4.5 out of 5 for outstanding meat in a great atmosphere.


Lobster, clams & seafood in top end of Prospect Park /lower Gowanus area.

What We Had

We split the glazed polish bacon with tomato jam & homemade pickles appetizer. The bacon was peppery, sweet, salty, smoky & sticky. Good fat to chew ratio. Fresh, bright pickles with nice lingering brine and pepper punch. Thick and darkly alluring tomato jam.

I had the Little neck clams with chile flakes, fregola & mustard greens. Good seasoning with nice heat and a flavorful broth.

My DH had the roasted striped bass with purple broccoli, garlic cream & polenta. The polenta was creamy and the fish was well cooked.



Weathered rustic nautical feel


Slow service

Overall Impressions

Not a bad little spot for a bite to eat or after dinner drink. Low lighting, cozy atmosphere, good food.


3.5 out of 5 for good flavors but nerve-wracking service when you’re trying to catch a show. I suspect a subsequent visit might go better.