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Wilma Jean

New more casual spot from the Seersucker (May it rest in peace) and Nightingale 9 guys.

What We Had


I had a fried chicken breast with field pea & cherry tomato salad and buttermilk ranch with a lemonade.


My DH had the fried chicken sandwich with mac & cheese and a Peak Organic IPA (mental note: I actually liked this beer and I hate IPAs).

Whoo hoo! This is the same fantastic fried chicken we fell in love with at Seersucker. Which is good, because we are semi-addicted and were totally worried that we’d never have fried chicken again.

The mac was good, the field pea salad was nice and light and fresh – and the ranch was great. I had forgotten how much I love ranch + fried chicken.



Dark woods and white tables – small (this restaurant inhabits the space Nightingale 9 used to be in – Nightingale 9 has moved to the old Seersucker spot) but open and sunny.


We went on their second day open, so it wasn’t as great as it will be.

Overall Impressions

This is a great little casual dinner place. Though I will still sorely miss the variety of items Seersucker served, Wilma Jean keeps the elevated Southern cuisine vibe alive with a re-focusing on fewer dishes (mostly involving fried chicken). The pimento cheese made the jump from the old place, as did the collards. I am sad to say the biscuits did not.


5 out of 5 for stellar chicken though give them a week or two to work the kinks out.

The Clover Club

American food + bar specializing in revival artisanal cocktails in Cobble Hill.

What We Had


I had the Clever Girl Royale – Old Tom gin, vanilla, lemon, blackberries, raspberries & prosecco – Fantastic. Clean, bright and rich – perfect for brunch.

My DH had the Bourbon Bloody Mary – Really deep and complex – maybe too complex? Hits of vanilla and all sorts of stuff. Kept him guessing throughout the meal.


For brunch, I had the Pork n grits – Braised pork served over cheddar Anson Mill grits, topped with a sunnyside-up egg and crispy shallots. Served with sourdough toast. This dish was fantastic. Hearty, filling and luscious with really satisfying bread.


My DH had the French Dip (came with simple dressed greens) – Nothing to hide behind here – just a simple sandwich where quality shines through. Great meat and real jus.


He also had his own side of cheddar grits – which were delicious, even without pork.


And we couldn’t resist the Bacon Tasting – A selection of three styles of thick cut bacon. Maple bacon, black pepper bacon and duck bacon. Split verdict on the favorite – I loved the duck bacon; the DH loved the maple. All three were awesome.



Black & white & dark wood & glass.


Food was really slow, but the service wasn’t bad otherwise.

Overall Impressions

We came on recommendation of a bartender at one of my favorite bars in Manhattan – The Flatiron Lounge. Owned by the same people, both locations make drinks you can’t get out of your head.


4 out of 5 if you’re not in a hurry for stellar drinks and great food.


Seafood and more in Cobble Hill.

What We Had


I had a whole steak and eggs thing planned from the old menu and had to roll with the punches to settle on the only thing that could be made Whole30 (paleo + no sugar) compliant – the 2 eggs any style dish. I dropped the home fries and toast, having just the eggs (which I ordered over medium), the side salad with decent balsamic, and I ordered a separate side of avocado. My meal was okay, though the eggs were completely hammered.


My DH had the thick cut cinnamon French toast with a side of bacon – by all accounts, it was pretty good but not show stopping.



We ate outside in the summer lobster themed dining space. It’s cute.


So-so. They did what they could, but the food took about half an hour to start coming out to diners (we arrived shortly after opening and was the second table – three others arrived after us).

Overall Impressions

This was their first brunch service after rolling out a new menu and it showed.


3 out of 5 for a disappointing new menu (not as much variety or novelty – had we not seen the previous version, we would have eaten somewhere up the street) and so-so food.

Char No. 4

Bustling Southern bar & food in Cobble Hill.

What We Had


I had the Bacon & Eggs Benedict – biscuits, poached eggs, honey ham, bacon gravy – how can you go wrong? And they didn’t. This dish was heaven in the mouth – rich, with not-too-dense biscuits, luscious egg yolks, and the taste of wonderful bacon. A southern staple gussied up proper for the big city.


My DH has the Sausage Biscuit with Cheese and Potatoes – Amazeballs potatoes; sausage that tasted like a hopped up Version of Neese’s (this is a very good thing indeed); and a really good biscuit.


And we split the Bacon Grits – Stellar. Deeply bacony, with just enough scallion to being it home. Knocked it out of the park with this one.



Big open windows in the front, lots of wood, inviting. Campy surf punk over the radio (we went on a Sunday early afternoon – if they were playing XM Radio, in time for the surf punk show).


It was really busy the day we went and we sat at the bar. The service wasn’t horrible at the bar, but they were busy.

Overall Impressions

Must. Go. Back. Looks like a great place to explore bourbons – their selection is extensive and their mixers look to be house made.


4.5 out of 5. We need to come back and take our time to get to know the menu and fabulous looking drinks list before we can cement the 5 rating. But, if a rushed brunch while waiting on results from the vet around the corner is any indication, a 5 will be an easy score.


Tex Mex in Cobble Hill boasting the best Tex Mex & margaritas in NYC.

What We Had


I had The Alamo – a chicken enchilada and a beef enchilada topped with tex-mex con carne & a bean & cheese chalupa — not bad. Decent beans & rice, well-seasoned chicken and beef. Cheesy but not overly so. Wanted more chili, but the amount was actually perfect for the dish, I just had a craving.


My DH had Chimichangas – beef in flour tortilla, deep fried and topped with sour cream — nicely seasoned and not too greasy.

We also had stellar table chips and salsa.



Great ‘oldies’ 70s/80s rock over the sound system.

Lots of cow hide, weathered wood and deep blues. Updated cowboy decor.


Friendly and personable service.

Overall Impressions

Not a bad little place. I’m not sure about ‘best in NYC’, but it was decent and hit the spot.


3.75 out of 5 for pretty great food – no real complaints.

The Atlantic Chip Shop

UK style pub and chip shop made famous for their willingness to fry anything you bring them. Located in Cobble Hill.

What We Had


I had the Wild Mushroom Shepherds Pie – Choc full of mushrooms, not too heavy on internal sauce, really creamy mashed potatoes on top, perfectly al dente peas on the side. I’ve been dreaming about this pie ever since first tasting it, and have come back to get it since; it’s that good. Comfort & joy & mushrooms in one.

My DH had the Beef Shepherds Pie – Much like the other pie, this one was dead simple as well and equally as good.



Riotous jumble of Brit-centric decor featuring movie posters, the ubiquitous Union Jack, daleks, and other Brit ephemera. Varied ‘UK’s Greatest Hits’ menu over the speakers & football on the tube over the bar.



Overall Impressions

I forsee this place becoming a regular haunt.


Solid 4.5 for great food in a fun atmosphere – no complaints, and this might become our go-to meal this winter


Standard Mexican fare in Cobble Hill.

What We Had


I had the Steak & Shrimp Fajitas – Everything was seasoned properly and the dish wasn’t too greasy. The shrimp was overcooked, but strangely, I kind of welcome rubber shrimp in dishes like this.


My DH had the 2 tacos & 1 burrito combo – He got beef and chicken and everything was well seasoned.



Minimal with an adobe mildly upper class vibe.


Not bad.

Overall Impressions

Not the best, not the worst. Certainly edible and most likely repeatable.


3 out of 5 for decent “regular” Mexican food.

Watty & Meg

American pub-style food in Cobble Hill.

What We Had


Cheeseburger Wontons with Truffled Ketchup – The cheeseburger filling was good, but that truffle ketchup is where it’s at. That stuff is amazeballs.


I had the Free Range Chicken with Wild Rice Falls Mill Grits, Mustard Greens with Lemon & Honeycomb Lacquer – This dish sounds fabulous. It was decent. The chicken was nicely seasoned & cooked; and the veg was cooked well, though the lemon and honey weren’t present. I don’t remember liking or hating the “grits”.


My DH had the 11 oz. New York Strip with Chimichurri, Mashed Potato & Crispy Onion Ring Frizzle – The steak tasted meh and was so pale as to be borderline offensive. Ok, it was pretty offensive. This dish was satisfactory at best – the meat tasted like it wasn’t prime, instead tasting like choice. A weird complaint, but a suspicion my DH couldn’t shake.

Great attention was however, paid to the sides – the potatoes were stellar and the frizzled onions were as good as it gets.


Blacks & creams open to the outside.


Service was slack, but it wasn’t clear if they were just understaffed.

Overall Impressions

If we ever make it back, we would be interested in trying more sides (especially the Mac & cheese). The app was also good, so more of those would be in order.

Overpriced – appetizer was priced way over what it should be, that was not a $28 steak, and the chicken was on the pricey side but it was at least cooked properly and seasoned well.


3 out of 5. Decent, but we will forget we were ever here as soon as we leave, and if we end up here again, it will be for a side and a condiment.

Waterfront Ale House

Waterfront Ale House

Dive-ish bar & grill in Cobble Hill. Known for good liquor & free popcorn.

What We Had

I had the Pulled Smoked Chicken in Mustard Sauce Sandwich with coleslaw – The chicken was nice and juicy, with a pleasant sweet and sour tang from the mustard sauce. It was also pulled well, with a good mix of large to small chunks and no fat or gristle. The coleslaw was also a nice surprise – mustardy, refreshing and crisp.

My DH had the French Dip Sandwich with fries – This was a great sandwich; good meat cooked well, with robust flavor and really good fries.

Much to my continued delight, this place specializes in condiments, with at least three special house brands lined up along the myriad bottles of mustards, BBQ sauces and hot sauces.

To Drink

Magic Hat Elder Betty
Coney Island Blockhead


Minimal with an interesting lighted cityscape over the bar.


Not the worst ever – it’s a bar and grill; adjust your expectations accordingly.

Overall Impressions

This is a quaint little neighborhood watering hole – great for drinks, mingling, and a bite.


3.75 out of 5 for food that was better than expected.


B&b Empire Bagels

Breakfast/lunch bagel cafe on Clinton, a block from trader Joe’s in Cobble Hill.

What We Had


I had the Asiago Chicken Melt – Grilled chicken with asiago, mushroom & tomato on a plain bagel. This was a great sandwich. Juicy chicken, complex asiago mix, and good toppings on a soft, pillowy fresh bagel. The accompanying side salad was also an unexpected treat with mixed deep green greens, craisins, a light balsamic and green olives.


My DH had the Grilled Chicken with Mozzarella and House Pesto Panini – Also surprisingly good. The bread was soft and toasty, the pesto was bright and fresh, and his chicken was good as well. His also came with a side salad.



Basic cafe with lots of honeyed wood and golden tones.


Friendly and discombobulated. Everyone wanted to help us, occasionally at the same time.

Overall Impressions

Not half bad for a blind pick. I will definitely have to keep this place in mind, if for no other reason than the bagels. If you visit the restroom, you walk past the doorway to the bagel making operation and can just see them prepping a fresh batch. They don’t have a huge selection of flavors, but the taste is really top notch.


3.75 out of 5 for fresh bagels and a friendly atmosphere.