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B.A.D Burger


Burgers, breakfast & more in Williamsburg.

What We Had


I had the Wake & Bake Burger – 2 beef patties topped with bacon & eggs. The burger meat was well-seasoned and juicy, and the whole big sloppy hot mess was fantastic for the first half (even though I lost the bacon early on). Then I came up for a breather/attempt to reposition everything back on the bun and the sheer amount of grease I had just consumed caught up with me and I couldn’t finish. It was great, but I couldn’t rally without running the risk of exploding.


My DH had the Dirty South Sandwich – fried chicken breast with pepper jack cheese & bacon. This was also a well-seasoned and juicy sandwich with great attention to flavor combinations. Not quite the hot mess the burger was.

Each sandwich came with fries and a little side of slaw. The fries tasted exactly like the fries you get at the fair. I don’t know how these wizards managed to capture that magical flavor, but they are now my junk food gods and I must stay far, far away until I am firmly entrenched in the exercise regimen I’ve been supposed to start since November.

The slaw was also surprisingly good. If I hadn’t just consumed enough meaty potatoey grease to choke a kitten I would have enjoyed it more. Having silverware would also have helped.



Cute rock n roll diner theme with flames, movie posters and rockabilly waitresses.


The service wasn’t awesome and the food was s-l-o-w. So slow they must have a lone one-armed, one panned chef. With a dull knife. That, or they had to hunt the wily cow. Or find a fair from which to source the fries. Take your pick.

Overall Impressions

B.A.D or Breakfast All Day has a little for everyone, with a whole host of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. And we’re not just talking a Gardenburger, either. These guys are serious about catering to special needs diets.

It’s just too bad the food took so long (we’re talking over 45 minutes in a restaurant with 4 tables seated – 2 of which had their food already).


3.5 out of 5 because it took so long for the food to come out we both felt like we were grounded. If you happen to be walking past and happen to have an afternoon to kill, stop in. The fries alone are worth a trip. Consider calling ahead and picking them up at the to go counter.


B&b Empire Bagels

Breakfast/lunch bagel cafe on Clinton, a block from trader Joe’s in Cobble Hill.

What We Had


I had the Asiago Chicken Melt – Grilled chicken with asiago, mushroom & tomato on a plain bagel. This was a great sandwich. Juicy chicken, complex asiago mix, and good toppings on a soft, pillowy fresh bagel. The accompanying side salad was also an unexpected treat with mixed deep green greens, craisins, a light balsamic and green olives.


My DH had the Grilled Chicken with Mozzarella and House Pesto Panini – Also surprisingly good. The bread was soft and toasty, the pesto was bright and fresh, and his chicken was good as well. His also came with a side salad.



Basic cafe with lots of honeyed wood and golden tones.


Friendly and discombobulated. Everyone wanted to help us, occasionally at the same time.

Overall Impressions

Not half bad for a blind pick. I will definitely have to keep this place in mind, if for no other reason than the bagels. If you visit the restroom, you walk past the doorway to the bagel making operation and can just see them prepping a fresh batch. They don’t have a huge selection of flavors, but the taste is really top notch.


3.75 out of 5 for fresh bagels and a friendly atmosphere.