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Morgan’s BBQ

Texas style BBQ & bourbon in Flatbush.

What We Had


Pulled pork
Pork sausage
Mac & cheese

The meats were great – both exactly what you would expect and/or want. The sausage was a touch fatty for my taste, but the DH loved it and the taste was good. The sides were also good – the greens were cooked right with just a bit of bite left (they’re also vegan), and the Mac was good, too.


Woods, sarcastic bar signs and chalkboard.


Efficient and gearing up for a long game night.

Overall Impressions

Looks like it could be a fun little spot, depending upon the day’s clientele. We visited on a Friday post-work when a game happened to be going on at The Barclays, and the bar crowd was already drunk & loud at 5:30 pm. It was college kids from presumedly out of town, so they were at least amusing.


4 out of 5 for some solid BBQ

Mighty Quinn’s Barbecue

Long-awaited brick and mortar location of a Smorgasburg favorite.

What We Had


Brisket – Quite possibly the best in town.
Pulled Pork – Also fantastic.
Vinegar-based Slaw – Great crunch; nice and fresh bite to cut the smoke and fat.
Pickled Chilies & Onions – Genius accompaniment.
Pea & Edamame Salad – Nice bright refresher and the perfect Spring side.
Burnt End Baked Beans – Smoky, velvety and full of meat – just how beans should be.



Open & breezy with lots of blacks, metal and wood. Great music.


Order at the counter.

Overall Impressions

Fantastic. Stellar meat, really great sides, beer, *and* they’ll be adding fries to the menu soon. Win.


5 out of 5 for outstanding BBQ.

The current BBQ ranking lineup: The brisket here surpasses Fletcher’s, making it our favorite in town. The pork is almost as good as Fette Sau. If you figure in the killer sides & pickled veg, Mighty Quinn edges it out to become our favorite overall BBQ joint. Fette Sau is still, technically, our favorite pork place – if only for the vinegar-based sauce.

Delaney BBQ

The eventual outcome of running a hotly successful underground BBQ brisket operation – walls. Located on the quiet side of Williamsburg.

What We Had

Brisket – a big, beautiful mix of fatty and lean portions.

Fabulous brisket – not quite as great as Fette Sau, but we are admittedly biased. If we’re talking straight beef and not adding pig into the equation, it’s a really close race if not a dead heat.


Stellar greens – vinegary enough I wasn’t left wanting and deeply flavorful. The greens made my day.


Nice cheese – a Comte.

Potato bread was available on the side board, as much as you want.



Simple rustic decor with exposed brick, whitewashed benches and Americana on the shelves. Dominated by a neon cow at a nice relaxing quarter light power.


Order at the counter. They’re busy, but take the time to do a great cutting job and are friendly.

Overall Impressions

This is a great place for some brisket. And I’m not just saying that because of the free take home drink koozie.


4 out of 5 for very good brisket. They know what they do, and they do it well.

The Smoke Joint

BBQ near a subway semi-dead zone in Boerum Hill.

What We Had


I had the pulled pork with slaw & pickles – Not too bad. Juicy, but underseasoned.


My DH had the BBQ beef brisket – Dry and joyless but at least it was edible when slathered in sauce.

Collard greens – Odd but not terrible. Not the flavor profile I’m used to at a BBQ joint, but not bad.



Decor is kinda cute – sunny lenai with homey feel.


Service was busy but at least present.

Overall Impressions

They’re trying. Very busy; poor wait list management and no where to stand that’s out of the way. Food wasn’t worth the wait; there are better places out there *cough* *Fette Sau* *cough* *Fieldman’s*


2.75 out of 5 for so-so food and bad crowd management.

Fort Reno BBQ

BBQ joint in Gowanus helmed by a Collichio protege.

What We Had

Brisket – This was the best of the bunch. Flavorful, tender and delicious.

Pulled pork – Decent. Flavor didn’t fully penetrate & it was a hair dry, but still good.

Collards – I absolutely loved.

Mac & cheese – Also pretty great.

Biscuit – Not the best in the world, but satisfying and worthy.



Metal & old wood decor with lots of mason and jelly jars. Rock anthems over the speakers lend an all-American vibe.


Order at the counter service, with separate bar.

Overall Impressions

This tiny place (seating for maybe 20) is pretty good. Not as good meat as its neighbor Fletcher’s, but better sides.


4 out of 5 for solid taste, but second best meat (by a hair) in the neighborhood

Cho Dang Gol Korean Restaurant

Busy Korean BBQ spot off of 34th.

What We Had


Galbi – Marinated short rib Korean-style BBQ. Show stopping. Korean BBQ is pretty much always good, but this was better than that. Instead of being almost too sweet like at most places, the sweet was balanced and tempered here.


Stone Bowl Bibimbap with Pork. This dish was fantastic. Crispy rice, really flavorful ingredients, and a great balance.


CDG Dumplings – Hand made meat & tofu dumplings, steamed. Good flavor large dumplings.


Great little sides – some sort of cooked zucchini, Kimchee, a Kimchee-like non-vinegary squid & cucumber something, some sort of greens, little dried shrimp, tempura mushrooms, and some sort of pancake.



Korean flavored, but lots of neutrals and woods.


Not terrible for a really busy day.

Overall Impressions

A great find. The day we visited was crazy busy, with a large majority of the patrons being Asian. We took that as a good sign, and we weren’t wrong.

This place has lots of menus in different textures and materials. For the uninitiated, the takeout menu features a QR code that can be scanned with a smart phone to view a visual version of the dishes.


4 out of 5 for a fabulous meal that was fun to eat.

Fletcher’s BBQ

BBQ in Gowanus.

What We Had


Coriander pork steak (chopped) – The best of the night. Tender, smoky, delicious and well seasoned.

Brisket burnt ends – Drool worthy beef nuggets.

Pulled pork – Also very, very good (but less seasoned than the coriander variety).

Mac & cheese – I actually ate it and liked it (and just about the only Mac & cheese I don’t think tastes like cardboard & chemicals is my DH’s).

Baked beans – Holy crap great. Even my DH who isn’t into baked beans loved it.



Garage style dining room that smells amazing – good music selection


Helpful meat guru to walk you through menu items who also checked up on us mid-meal. Order at the counter style service.

Overall Impressions

Great BBQ. Not quite the homesick-inducing grandeur that is Fette Sau, but great in its own right and especially exciting given the neighborhood.


4.5 out of 5 for outstanding meat in a great atmosphere.

Fette Sau

Don’t let the frou-frou name fool you, this place is packing some serious meat skills.

What We Had


My DH had the Black Angus Brisket – This was fantastic; almost as good as his gold standard Texas brisket against which all other briskets must be compared. Tender, smoky, beefy, everything you could want in a brisket.

I had the Duroc Pulled Pork. With liberal lashings of the table vinegar sauce, it tasted almost like going home. Nice pink ring, perfect fat to meat ratio, good base spicing…. really, really close to Eastern NC-style. The vinegar was close, too. So close, we used half the bottle. 🙂

Really, the only thing missing was hushpuppies & red pepper flakes in the vinegar.

We also had an order of the Burnt Ends Baked Beans – These beans simmer all day beside the brisket and get little chunks of beef reinforcements all day. I loved the background burnt caramelized complexity – the DH less so. These beans were sweet. Sweet, beefy, hearty, and good.



Minimal long tables with bench seating, meat diagrams on the walls, fake fireplace & knife blade beer tap pulls.


You order at the counter and find a seat as you can.

Overall Impressions

Fette Sau gives (at least these) displaced North Carolinians that particular type of deep soul satisfaction that only comes from ingesting big hunks of smoky meats. We’re only sad we didn’t find this place day 1.


5 out of 5 – if you want pig, this is the place to be.

Oh yeah, and they have Cheerwine!

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

Japanese cook-your-own BBQ joint off of 44th st. near Times Square.


What We Had


We split an order of the Fried Shrimp Dumplings, which were nice, with a solid general Chinese dumpling flavor profile freshened up a bit. A little grease hit, but with 4 to an order, not to an unpleasant degree.

We then went for some ala carte items. Gyu-Kaku has a number of lunch and dinner pre-selected combo items, which all looked great, but we wanted a little from this combo & a little from that and decided to go it alone.


All items were a few ounces each of wafer thin meat and all cooking was done on the grill in the middle of our table.

Bistro Harami Hanger Steak – A pleasant teriyaki steak

Gyu-tan Beef Tongue – Not unpleasantly chewy and incredibly beefy – it felt like we were eating much more than a few slices because of the texture and deep flavor

Yakishabu – This was another teriyaki dish

Toro Beef – Fatty and delicious; almost like cow belly

Rosu – My DH and I can’t decide if this or the Kalbi was our favorite. The Rosu was tender, steak-y, and hearty

Chuck Kalbi – After consideration, my DH is leaning toward this being our favorite. This dish was also tender and beefy, but with just a little more somethin’ somethin’


We both added the lunch set (soup, salad & rice) for $3.


Great little salad – nice greens, interesting dressing with shoyu base


One of the best examples of miso soup either of us have ever had – The broth had an excellent balance with minimal grit; the tofu was silky and the scallions were plentiful.



Modern, clean lines.



Overall Impressions

A great place to take a date or group of friends. A fun and tasty dining experience.


4 out of 5. If you’re near Times Square, this is a solid choice for lunch or dinner.