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Brinkley’s Broome St.

American elevated pub food with a focus on local in SoHo.

What We Had


I had a grass fed beef burger with lettuce, tomato, pickle, no bun, no cheese, and no chipotle mayo – My burger was flavorful and cooked properly (mid rare, as specified). I subbed a mixed greens salad for fries (and they have sweet potato fries) and that was well dressed and delicious.


My DH had the three cheese Mac & cheese with fontina, Parmesan, Romano – By all accounts, it was really good.

He also had a quite tasty bloody bull (bloody mary made with beef bouillon).



Adorable old school house decor with desk chairs, anatomical drawings of turtles and lots of original-looking checked tile flooring. Big generous windows to let in floods of light and fresh air as well.


The server was good, but the food was really slow.

Overall Impressions

The dining room was loud but the server was very accommodating for my special-needs ass.


4 out of 5 despite the cackling table of girls pushing the decibel level past earsplitting & the slow food. Substitutions were easy, the menu had a lot of variety, and the food was good. Plus, the decor was adorable And the mascot is a bear with a monocle.


Hanoi Kitchen

Vietnamese/Thai in Park Slope with a large pho menu.

What We Had


I had the Pho Sate – Rice noodles, special beef sate soup, rare steak, brisket, tomato, cucumber & peanut – Spicy and delicious. Good flavor on the broth and the meat was good too.


My DH had the Pho Thai Rice – Rice noodles beef soup with rare steak – His was more delicately flavored than the heat hammer mine carried, and it was good. The beef broth base did more shining in his dish.



Cute Thai decor with dark woods, natural elements and exposed brick.



Overall Impressions

A cute little spot for some pho. The menu also has a wide selection of other dishes, but we hasn’t had good pho in quite a long time and missed it.


4 out of 5 for good flavorful broth, nice decor and a widely varied menu.


Casual & funky new American in Fort Greene

What We Had



I had the Mussels & Fries with coconut curry sauce and sweet potato fries – I think this is my favorite no-fuss, it’s hot as balls dinner. And the potatoes were stellar.



My DH had the There’s Only One Steak with garlic butter sauce and Mac n cheese – Pretty damn decent steak; really good Mac & cheese.


We also had the Rock Shrimp Ceviche Green Devil – This avocado boat was exactly what I needed it to be. Very satisfying.

I had a Soulless Ginger – Cucumber mint lemonade with ginger infused vodka, topped with ginger ale — It was fantastic. Cool refreshing and light.

Te DH had a Tito’s Bacon Bloody Mary – house blend garnished with cornichons, green olives, celery & bacon — It was good but not the best in town. The bacon salt was a nice touch.

He also had a Kentucky Sunshine – bourbon, blood orange, orange bitters, prosecco — This was a tasty combo.



Cute & funky interior with a back garden.


Really personable and helpful service.

Overall Impressions

A cute little place to meet friends or go for date night. The food was great, and the atmosphere was inviting.


4 out of 5 for a good time.

Benny’s Burritos

San Francisco style Cal Mex in the village.

What We Had


I had the Chicken Chipotle Tacos – 2 pulled chicken, tomatillo salsa and black bean tacos with a salsa fresco salad – Nicely seasoned, juicy chicken and good beans – too wet to eat as a traditional taco, but very tasty all the same.


My DH had the Blackened Chicken Burrito – His was really nicely seasoned – the best burrito (outside of Moe’s) we’ve had in quite a long time. It hit the Moe’s button a fair amount, too, especially since the Moe’s up here are very hit and miss quality-wise.

I also had a Virgin Mango Margarita – Frozen and delicious on a hot afternoon.

And my DH had a Dos Equis on tap.

We also ordered chips and salsa, which was good and fresh.



Old bar looking interior with minimal decor and lots of sun.


Not the speediest service on the block.

Overall Impressions

A great find. The menu is huge and varied, the burritos punch the Moe’s button, and the tacos weren’t bad at all.


4 out of 5 for being better than expected, despite lackluster service.

East Japanese

Multiple locations throughout the city; a conveyor belt sushi outpost also exists at the Palisades Mall in Nyack.

What We Had

We have visited the conveyor belt sushi spot in Nyack, the karaoke/conveyor belt spot on 3rd, and the Shabu location in Midtown.

The sushi is always good. Nicely seasoned rice with a solid array of nigiri options. This is my DH’s favorite mid-priced no-fuss place to go for sushi – and if you hit a conveyor belt place, the novelty makes it fun.

The Shabu location is tasty – it’s fondue-style service, so everything is cook-your-own. Makes for a fun night out.


Generally tastefully done. The conveyor belt sushi location in a mall is bright and white, the Shabu location is sedate and wood-toned.


Always adequate.

Overall Impressions

We frequent East Japanese – most often the sushi locations. If we’re in a neighborhood with unfamiliar food options that also happens to hold an East, we choose East, because thus far it has always been a good bet.


4 out of 5 for an always good time and always tasty food.


Shabu Shabu


Conveyor belt sushi.

Delaney BBQ

The eventual outcome of running a hotly successful underground BBQ brisket operation – walls. Located on the quiet side of Williamsburg.

What We Had

Brisket – a big, beautiful mix of fatty and lean portions.

Fabulous brisket – not quite as great as Fette Sau, but we are admittedly biased. If we’re talking straight beef and not adding pig into the equation, it’s a really close race if not a dead heat.


Stellar greens – vinegary enough I wasn’t left wanting and deeply flavorful. The greens made my day.


Nice cheese – a Comte.

Potato bread was available on the side board, as much as you want.



Simple rustic decor with exposed brick, whitewashed benches and Americana on the shelves. Dominated by a neon cow at a nice relaxing quarter light power.


Order at the counter. They’re busy, but take the time to do a great cutting job and are friendly.

Overall Impressions

This is a great place for some brisket. And I’m not just saying that because of the free take home drink koozie.


4 out of 5 for very good brisket. They know what they do, and they do it well.

Fort Reno BBQ

BBQ joint in Gowanus helmed by a Collichio protege.

What We Had

Brisket – This was the best of the bunch. Flavorful, tender and delicious.

Pulled pork – Decent. Flavor didn’t fully penetrate & it was a hair dry, but still good.

Collards – I absolutely loved.

Mac & cheese – Also pretty great.

Biscuit – Not the best in the world, but satisfying and worthy.



Metal & old wood decor with lots of mason and jelly jars. Rock anthems over the speakers lend an all-American vibe.


Order at the counter service, with separate bar.

Overall Impressions

This tiny place (seating for maybe 20) is pretty good. Not as good meat as its neighbor Fletcher’s, but better sides.


4 out of 5 for solid taste, but second best meat (by a hair) in the neighborhood

The Modern

Upscale dishes and cocktails Inside MoMA. Plates are served in categories by size – small, medium, large.

What We Had


Tarte flambé with creme fraiche, onion & applewood smoked bacon – This was like a very tasty, very smoky pizza. Good flavor.


Slow poached farm egg in a jar with Maine lobster, hon shimeji mushroom & sea urchin froth – Good, but not the belle of the ball I wanted it to be. The egg could have gone a hair longer. The lobster was perfect & the mushroom was fabulous. The uni taste was so subtle I was sad to have missed it. I liked; DH not so much.


Foie gras terrine with muscat gelee & toasted brioche – Crazy good and very decadent. The gelee was a perfect bright and snappy counterpoint to the silky and sexy foie. The toast was a little brittle. This was the hit of the day and a dish we are both still thinking about.


Black angus beef tenderloin with Munster gratin, onion confit & cumin jus – nice sauce; something different. Really great beef. A very solid dish.


Saffron tagliatelle with cider braised rabbit, chanterelle mushrooms and kale – fantastic. Perfect pasta, tender rabbit, jus I wanted more of. Wanted more rabbit – only 3 tiny pieces – but overall a success.



About what you’d expect – very modern and clean-lined, but very busy and a little in the noisy side.


Slow service. The restaurant was packed, but the service was still slow.

Overall Impressions

A good find in a museum. Not somewhere I would want to spring for every museum visit, but good. The atmosphere was a little too institutional cafeteria feeling for the food and price for me, despite the nice decor. This would be a great happy hour spot, or nibbles on a date after seeing an exhibit, but not a full dinner – too noisy for that.


4 out of 5 for really great food, but slow service. A little pricey for what it was. Trying but just short of mark for the price point.

Crif Dogs

Crazy good hot dogs in Williamsburg.

What We Had


Chihuahua Dog – Bacon wrapped hot dog covered with avocados and sour cream.

Good Morning Dog – Bacon wrapped hot dog smothered with melted cheese & topped with a fried egg.

Both were really great dogs. The good morning slightly edged out the chihuahua solely because of my love for eggs.

Fries, which were also good.



Cool decor with Star Wars toys lining the walls, old games & cool tees.


Friendly counter service.

Overall Impressions

A great place for a light meal. It’s small and was packed the evening we went, but the crowd was good. The music was also great – totally can’t not love a place that plays Old Crow Medicine Show’s Wagon Wheel and serves RC Cola.


4 out of 5 for great dogs, great atmosphere, and friendly service.


Sushi in Park Slope.

What We Had


Amuse of a sweet and nutty black seaweed salad and rich spicy tuna



Omikase sushi – 12 pc. sushi + a roll – really good sushi – a nice mix of fatty vs lean fishes and a standout salmony roll. The rice was well seasoned but got gluey as the meal progressed. I did find a pinbone in my salmon, but it was still very good.


Pan fried pork potstickers – not bad. Nutty, with some effort at seasoning.


Lobster & spinach dumplings – really great flavor, nicely cooked lobster.




Minimal with clean lines and nice fixtures.



Overall Impressions

A nice little dinner spot, despite the small bony misstep.


4 for great food in a nice atmosphere.