Oh, no. Not another NYC food blog!

Oh, yes. yes it is. I’m a writer, an all-around creative-type, and a compulsive over-sharer. Blippity-blah. Suck it, Internets.

I also recently moved to NYC, Brooklyn to be exact, from Miami and feel the need to chronicle the places I’ve been eating so I don’t forget whether or not I liked them in 6 months when I’m wandering around town and think I’m starving to death.

Lest you pass this blog off as yet-another-hipster-babbling-about-crap, know this: I hate hipsters. Although I like a lot of the things hipsters like (like the prospect of urban beekeeping, growing your own food, canning, DIY and things with birds on them), I want to punch most hipsters. And everyone on Portlandia. Punch them right in the neck. So, there you have it. I’m hipster-adjacent. Hipster-adjacent > hipster. It’s much less tiring over on this side. Less tiring and less expensive. Screw all of that.

Looking for more? I also blog about recipes, life & photography at: http://www.gastography.com