Burger Bistro

by cochrancj

Park Slope build-your-own burgers.

What We Had


I had a bunless beef burger with portobello mushroom, crumbled bacon and goat cheese and a side of sweet potato fries.


My DH had a beef burger with crumbled bacon and fried cheese sticks on a potato roll with a side of horseradish cream and seasoned fries.

The burgers were cooked well, but both were really greasy. My sweet potato fries were battered in flour and greasy to the point of inedibility.




Nice simple brick decor with some outstanding bathroom art.


Friendly service.

Overall Impressions

The burger menu was large, with lots of great topping options (including bunless). Not near as many meat selections as Bare Burger (and minus the ethos), but more topping options and better side item offerings.

The toppings however, are expensive (to be fair, so are Bare Burgers’). Our burgers ended up costing $17 apiece.

The DIY options were great, but I prefer having a few ‘stock’ burgers to choose from as backup.


2.5 out of 5 for strictly edible burgers; if Bare Burger wasn’t in the same ‘hood, the score may have been higher. Maybe. While the taste was there, both our meals were so bogged down in grease we regretted eating them.