The Smoke Joint

by cochrancj

BBQ near a subway semi-dead zone in Boerum Hill.

What We Had


I had the pulled pork with slaw & pickles – Not too bad. Juicy, but underseasoned.


My DH had the BBQ beef brisket – Dry and joyless but at least it was edible when slathered in sauce.

Collard greens – Odd but not terrible. Not the flavor profile I’m used to at a BBQ joint, but not bad.



Decor is kinda cute – sunny lenai with homey feel.


Service was busy but at least present.

Overall Impressions

They’re trying. Very busy; poor wait list management and no where to stand that’s out of the way. Food wasn’t worth the wait; there are better places out there *cough* *Fette Sau* *cough* *Fieldman’s*


2.75 out of 5 for so-so food and bad crowd management.