Crif Dogs

by cochrancj

Crazy good hot dogs in Williamsburg.

What We Had


Chihuahua Dog – Bacon wrapped hot dog covered with avocados and sour cream.

Good Morning Dog – Bacon wrapped hot dog smothered with melted cheese & topped with a fried egg.

Both were really great dogs. The good morning slightly edged out the chihuahua solely because of my love for eggs.

Fries, which were also good.



Cool decor with Star Wars toys lining the walls, old games & cool tees.


Friendly counter service.

Overall Impressions

A great place for a light meal. It’s small and was packed the evening we went, but the crowd was good. The music was also great – totally can’t not love a place that plays Old Crow Medicine Show’s Wagon Wheel and serves RC Cola.


4 out of 5 for great dogs, great atmosphere, and friendly service.