The Brazen Fox

by cochrancj

Pub in White Plains

What We Had

I had the steak & eggs off the brunch menu with a mimosa – My steak (NY strip) was well-seasoned and perfectly rare with over-medium eggs. Good potatoes.

My DH had the shepherd’s pie off the lunch menu – The dish had a really interesting spice blend – something wholly American; kind of like taco seasoning. A nice little change in a dish that’s quickly become my DH’s go-to.

DH would like it noted that he was still hungry after polishing off his pie, a glass of Killians, a chunk of my potatoes & a toast half.



Dark woods & burgundy leather – warm amber & cream lighting. Open, large and friendly looking. A fair amount of TVs, but not chock-a-block.


Not the best service, but not horrible – weekend brunch slow.

Overall Impressions

This place has an exciting looking happy hour drinks menu and great beer selection. You also can’t go wrong with sriracha on the table.


3.5 out of 5 for good food & an impressive drink menu, but lackluster service.