Energy Kitchen

by cochrancj

Healthy fast food. We visited the location near Central Park.

Nothing on the menu is over 500 calories. Everything is steamed, baked or broiled; nothing is fried. They serve smoothies, platters, wraps, burgers, salads, breakfasts, and only low calorie fountain beverages.

What We Had


We both had the bison steak & cheese wrap with mushrooms, low fat cheese and onions and a side of baked fries. The sandwiches were pretty good – just enough cheese to know it’s there; the meat & cheese together was juicy enough to be satisfying and feel decadent enough for fast food. Not fine dining, but good enough for a quick meal.

The fries were fabulous and virtually guilt-free.



Bright and welcoming mostly white interior with pops of blues and greens.


Typical fast food counter service.

Overall Impressions

This is a place I could see us coming to again. It’s fast food I can get behind. The menu is varied with lots of great looking sides I’d like to try, including a black bean and mango salad, mashed sweet potatoes, and asparagus.


3.75 out of 5 for decent food and being a healthy option for lunch on the go that isn’t necessarily a salad.