Red Egg

by cochrancj

Dim Sum & nightlife (according to Foursquare, this place has great pm DJs) in Chinatown.

What We Had


Assorted porky dumplings

The dumplings were passable overall – no great revelations, but nothing offensively terrible, either. We did not get one of the dumplings we ordered.


Chicken with black bean sauce

This dish started out promising – a little sweet, a little salty; but quickly devolved after noticing a rot spot on one of the pepper pieces. The rot spot was averted and everything seemed cautiously good until I bit down on a chunk of glass. Needless to say, that was the end of that – I was thoroughly freaked out afterward and didn’t want another bite.



Sexy red & black decor with high booths, lots of mirror, and great mod red accents.


Terrible. We waited over 5 minutes before a server agreed to take the table (there looked like some squabble over whose it was), and the resulting service was slow as molasses.

The manager handling the glass and missing dumplings was accommodating, however.

Overall Impressions

This was not the best experience we’ve had. Disinterested staff, quasi-homical chef, and slack service. We won’t be coming back. Even before the glass & rot, this place was on its way to a low score – the website led us to believe they had better dim sum selection, and the service was borderline rude; very off putting.

*Note: we dined at this restaurant pre-Sandy.


1 out of 5 for attempted dinercide and a crappy experience all around