Ruby Foo’s

Ruby Foo’s

Big Chinese off of Times Square. We visited with a friend who also loves Chinese on the way to the Down show.

What We Had

We foisted our obsession onto our poor Friday post work frazzled friend, to good effect. The Szechuan Pork Dumplings were flavorful; sweet & mildly spicy; and gone all too soon.

We ordered three entrees and passed it all around family style.

General Ruby’s – Good flavor, nice chicken.

Spicy Beef Udon – Good flavor, sweet but spicy.

Kung Pao Chicken – Great spice, nice chicken.


Gorgeous lacquers, reds and golds.


Not bad.

Overall Impressions

I had zero hopes for this place due solely to its location and large sign; I’m happy to have been proven wrong. We all had a great time and even made it to the show on time – just after the door crowd got their drinks and just as the first band started. Perfect timing.


3.75 out of 5 for presenting a solid option just off the Times Square madness.


No food pics, just decor. I was too busy trying not to freak out about the possibility of being late for the show.