Excellent Dumpling House

by cochrancj

A blind pick for dumplings in Chinatown. I had family in town, we were starving, and the name sounded great. Names, unfortunately, can be misleading.

What We Had


Korean beef noodle soup – completely tasteless and wholly disappointing.

Scallion pancake – burnt on the bottom, but good despite the char.

Chicken dumpling soup – meh. Not terrible, but not great.

Fried pork dumpling – decent but underseasoned.

Rangoon – not bad. A little greasy, but the filling was nice.

Some sort of beef dumpling – this was the best of the day. It actually had flavor.

A noodle dish involving chicken and vegetables – I only had a bite of this dish, but that was enough to tell it was mostly bland with a hint of wasted possibility.



Minimal – mirror wall, lots of greenish hues.



Overall Impressions

Bland and disappointing, given the name.


2 out of 5 for bland, boring food overall. Must. Find. Better. Option.