by cochrancj

Mexican eatery a few blocks off of Prospect Park (near the F stop)

What We Had


I had the carnitas. This pork was crazy good – and a huge portion. It was so good, being too full to finish was depressing.


My DH had the Chimichanga w pork. His dish was huge as well, with really good flavors – not quite the orgy of yumminess mine was, but still faboo.

Fresh beans, even good rice.

Nice fresh, bright table salsa with homemade chips.


Minimal decor


Friendly service

Overall Impressions

This is a great little place. Nothing fancy, but good. Next time, we will either consider splitting the pork or make sure it’s our last stop so we don’t have to schlep leftovers all over the city.


A solid 4 for great (huge) food in a welcoming atmosphere.