Fette Sau

by cochrancj

Don’t let the frou-frou name fool you, this place is packing some serious meat skills.

What We Had


My DH had the Black Angus Brisket – This was fantastic; almost as good as his gold standard Texas brisket against which all other briskets must be compared. Tender, smoky, beefy, everything you could want in a brisket.

I had the Duroc Pulled Pork. With liberal lashings of the table vinegar sauce, it tasted almost like going home. Nice pink ring, perfect fat to meat ratio, good base spicing…. really, really close to Eastern NC-style. The vinegar was close, too. So close, we used half the bottle. 🙂

Really, the only thing missing was hushpuppies & red pepper flakes in the vinegar.

We also had an order of the Burnt Ends Baked Beans – These beans simmer all day beside the brisket and get little chunks of beef reinforcements all day. I loved the background burnt caramelized complexity – the DH less so. These beans were sweet. Sweet, beefy, hearty, and good.



Minimal long tables with bench seating, meat diagrams on the walls, fake fireplace & knife blade beer tap pulls.


You order at the counter and find a seat as you can.

Overall Impressions

Fette Sau gives (at least these) displaced North Carolinians that particular type of deep soul satisfaction that only comes from ingesting big hunks of smoky meats. We’re only sad we didn’t find this place day 1.


5 out of 5 – if you want pig, this is the place to be.

Oh yeah, and they have Cheerwine!