Birdsall House

by cochrancj

Cute little modern American local/seasonal joint in Peekskill. The kind of place when hearing I’d be near town, my good friend that lives there immediately thought ‘I have to take her there.

What We Had


The DH and had gone hiking that afternoon and were so starving we thought we might die. We ordered the Charcuterie starter – triple cream cheese, pork & barleywine sausage with house mustard, and duck & cider sausage with caramelized apples. Yum all around. Killer sausages, really good cheese.

We also had a red cheddar-like cheese with light stink that came as an option for the brunch item. This was also a nice offering.


I had the Goat Cheese En Croute – roasted zucchini, yellow squash, portobello mushrooms & goat cheese baked in puff pastry with Dijon cream & mescalun salad. The first half of this dish was really good, but I got really tired of the croute portion about halfway through. Maybe it’s me and my general lack of eating too-rich foods very often lately, but I would have liked twice the veg and half the croute.


My DH had the Blackened Shrimp & Grits – Mascarpone wild hive soft polenta with blackened shrimp, collard greens, Cajun cream and house made smoked andouille. This dish was fantabulous and I am jealous I didn’t order it. Though to be fair, the DH did find the polenta itself in the underseasoned side and if memory serves, he was salted out by the end.


The friend had the Weekly Omelette (asparagus, goat cheese & sundried tomatoes) with hashed brown tart & mixed salad.

She ordered a fry substitution, but the dish came out with the tart anyways, and boy am I ever glad it did. That thick, creamy, lemony, thyme-y tart was the single best item of the day. It’s hard to top a good shrimp n grits, but this dish did it in spades.

The Fries (which came out shortly after) were great – the Birdsall House makes a killer honey mustard, and a really good home made ketchup. I would highly recommend getting both.



Minimal but cute in an old bar sort of way. Really cute punky baroque bathroom.


Serviceable. Nothing standout-ish either way.

Overall Impressions

Looks like the friend was right. This is exactly the type of place I love — local ingredients, homemade where possible, highlighted to their best ability. And home made charcuterie? Please. You’re preachin’ to the choir here.


4 out of 5 – if you’re anywhere near Peekskill, this is the place to be.