Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

by cochrancj

Japanese cook-your-own BBQ joint off of 44th st. near Times Square.


What We Had


We split an order of the Fried Shrimp Dumplings, which were nice, with a solid general Chinese dumpling flavor profile freshened up a bit. A little grease hit, but with 4 to an order, not to an unpleasant degree.

We then went for some ala carte items. Gyu-Kaku has a number of lunch and dinner pre-selected combo items, which all looked great, but we wanted a little from this combo & a little from that and decided to go it alone.


All items were a few ounces each of wafer thin meat and all cooking was done on the grill in the middle of our table.

Bistro Harami Hanger Steak – A pleasant teriyaki steak

Gyu-tan Beef Tongue – Not unpleasantly chewy and incredibly beefy – it felt like we were eating much more than a few slices because of the texture and deep flavor

Yakishabu – This was another teriyaki dish

Toro Beef – Fatty and delicious; almost like cow belly

Rosu – My DH and I can’t decide if this or the Kalbi was our favorite. The Rosu was tender, steak-y, and hearty

Chuck Kalbi – After consideration, my DH is leaning toward this being our favorite. This dish was also tender and beefy, but with just a little more somethin’ somethin’


We both added the lunch set (soup, salad & rice) for $3.


Great little salad – nice greens, interesting dressing with shoyu base


One of the best examples of miso soup either of us have ever had – The broth had an excellent balance with minimal grit; the tofu was silky and the scallions were plentiful.



Modern, clean lines.



Overall Impressions

A great place to take a date or group of friends. A fun and tasty dining experience.


4 out of 5. If you’re near Times Square, this is a solid choice for lunch or dinner.