Oh No! Not Another NYC Food Blog!

Yes, yes it is. Mwahaha.


I found out about Spoon because I was a woman in need. I needed somewhere that had a great but not a bigillion dollars brunch, convenient to both Chelsea & the F train, and preferably somewhere that wouldn’t be too long a slog for either the visiting friends, or my worn out sad little legs. Enter Spoon. The online reviews raved about this place’s food but had very mixed reviews on the service. One of our party had actually heard of it before, so it was a go.

When hearing the name, my DH snorted: “Well, that’s not pretentious.” Although he was being facetious, it isn’t pretentious. The food was simple, but good. A great balance between breakfast and grease.

What We Had


All three of us had the Eggs Espana (open faced baguette sandwich with gruyere, poached eggs, fresh grape tomato and vinaigrette pico and slab bacon with a side of field greens) on recommendation from our water pourer. He talked it (and Spoon’s house made bacon) up so much, the two of us that were very intrigued by the trout & grits were swayed.

This was a great dish, but our eggs were very inconsistent. Mine were perfect, but one of the other 2’s eggs were so over cooked they had to be sent back.

The coffee was great, and by all accounts, so was the virgin bloody mary.


No decor pic, I was too busy chatting. 🙂

It was country-ish, breakfasty and cheery. I remember really digging the wallpaper.


Friendly but on the slow side. Not as dire as some of the online reviews would have you believe, but certainly not zippy.

Overall Impressions

Not a bad little brunch spot, if you happen to be in the area. Within walking distance of Washington Park, a Trader Joes, and 999999.99999 other points of interest.


3.75 for slower-than-necessary service and inconsistent egg cookery. Still a decent option for brunch if you’re in the area, just be forewarned.


Parkview Diner

Shiny diner on a hill in Sheepshead Bay near Coney Island – right off Belt Parkway.

What We Had

My DH and I both had brunch specials. Brunch specials feature a menu entree + fruit + alcoholic brunch beverage or juice + coffee or tea. A ton of food for $16.95.


I had the corned beef hash & eggs – the hash was of the Dinty Moore dog food variety, but delish all the same.

The hashed browns were awesome and almost tasted like fries. I could have eaten a pound, but luckily the grease caught up to me with a reasonable amount left on the plate.


My DH had the challah french toast w eggs & bacon, breakfast sausage & ham. The French toast was good – nice and French toasty.

The sausage was fresh and good for what it is (although strangely haunting since I’m still thinking about it 2 weeks later), the ham was nice and griddled, the bacon was limp and unpleasant, but the toast wasn’t bad.


The fruit salads were great – no added sugar, very fresh; a real delight.

Our beverages (a bloody Mary and a bilini) were run of the mill but not bad.



Nice shiny optimistic 50s decor with cool Coney Island & vintage inspired artwork.


Friendly and apologetic that the food was slow (we didn’t notice).

Overall Impressions

We will be back. With this diner’s huge menu, there is something for everyone at any time of day. All baking is done on premises and delivery is available 24 hours.


3.75 out of 5. Convenient, huge menu + alcohol, good big food.