Vinegar Hill House

by cochrancj

Cute little New American Comfort restaurant in Dumbo on Front Street located in an old house.


What We Had

Wild Boar Shank

I had the Wild Boar Shank with grits, pecans and fennel pollen — The boar was ridiculously tender, really falling off the bone, with a nice caramelized crust and zero gaminess. The taste was rich, kind of like the pork version of dark meat. The grits were nice as well – nice and rough cut with good looseness. A knockout dish. My only slight criticism is that a rich, acidic blackberry or balsamic sauce might have been nice (as would some greens). A knockout dish regardless.

I also had a nice glass of white. The waiter was initially going to bring the Godello, Benaza 2010, but he ran across something he thought was even better. I didn’t catch the name, but could have happily finished off a bottle.

Red Wattle Country Chop

My DH had the Red Wattle Country Chop with garlic rice– This dish was amazeballs. Who knew a pork chop could taste so good? Truly a stunning dish. How stunning? My DH was sad he ate all of it. He pouted. Pouted and tried to get me to genie him up a second helping. Lacking the proper head bobble powers, I made him a deal: every third time we have a good dinner out, Vinegar Hill is on the table.

He also had a glass of Green Flash IPA. He liked the complexity. I hate IPAs, but took a sip and there was a lot to wrap your tastebuds around in that glass. I could see playing a beer ingredient guessing game with oneself if the conversation gets too boring.

Salted Caramel Custard

We split the Salted Caramel Custard with coconut shortbread– This was no popcorn ice cream, but really good in its own right. Deeply creamy, intensely flavored custard with light as air fresh whipped cream and buttery coconut shortbread cookies.



Lots of flavor coming out of the tiniest kitchen ever. Seriously. My kitchen at home is bigger.

Cute. Old fashioned in a good way that plays to the building’s charm.



Slow but friendly and full of good suggestions.


Overall Impressions

Great food prepared with an eye toward good ingredients and perfect technique. Hipsterish, conscientious & just plain good.

The main dishes are slightly on the small side (read: only slightly larger than a normal serving size as opposed to a ginormous restaurant portion), so if you’re starving or if you feel cheated unless you leave bloated, add a first or second course dish. The cheese and salumi and radish salad firsts look great, as does the squid ink tagliolini with squid, clams, uni and chickpeas. They also had some sort of bone marrow pasta second as a special that night, which sounded great as well.



A solid 5 out of 5